Configurator Push Buttons & Signaling Devices

Push buttons and signaling devices include a broad spectrum of operators. We offer push buttons, toggle switches, pendant stations, indicator lights, assembled operator stations, and operator station enclosures. Our audible and visual signaling devices include horns, loudspeakers, beacons, strobes, panel light bars and tower stack lights. They help to reduce downtime by signaling breakdowns and material shortages as well as alert operators of hazards.


800F 22 mm Round Operators

Our Bulletin 800F 22 mm Round Operator family meets demanding performance specifications. We use state-of-the-art solid modeling techniques and finite element analysis to optimize the durability and performance of our push buttons.

  • 22.5 mm mounting hole
  • 800FP plastic operators
    • IP69K (select operators and assembled stations)
    • IP65/66, Type 4/4X/13
    • Engineering grade thermoplastics
    • Chemical-resistant for harsh environments
  • 800FM metal operators
    • IP65/66, Type 4/13
    • Die-cast metal construction
    • Chrome-plated

800F Push Button Operators

  • Momentary or alternate action
  • Illuminated or non-illuminated
  • Flush or extended 2-color molded legend caps
  • Pilot light operators
  • Multi-operators

800F Selector Switch Operators

  • 2-, 3-, and 4-position
  • Illuminated or non-illuminated
  • Maintained or spring return
  • Key selector switches

800F Emergency Stop Operators

  • 30 and 40 mm
  • Illuminated or non-illuminated
  • Twist-to-release or key release
  • Mushroom or half-dome

800F Specialty Operators

  • Selector or toggle switch
  • Panel mount sounder
  • Reset push button
  • Single turn potentiometer

800F Enclosures

  • Latch or base mount
  • Yellow or grey
  • Plastic or aluminum

Bulletin 800FD Monolithic Operators

Bulletin 800FD Monolithic Operators are designed to meet worldwide standards. These operators include e-stops and pilot lights with either light indicators or incandescent illumination options. Using a single catalog number, you can now order a fully assembled product for easy stocking and installation.

  • Low back-of-panel profile (45.7 mm)
  • Aesthetic design complements the Bulletin 800F modular line
  • Anti-rotation tab provides accurate alignment and can be easily removed for use in panels without notches
  • Made of industrial-grade thermoplastic for superior chemical resistance
  • Compatible with Bulletin 800F accessories and enclosures
  • Ring lug capability

Bulletin 800B 16 mm Operators

Bulletin 800B 16 mm Operators can meet your light industrial and instrumentation application needs with their highly configurable and flexible design. These operators are excellent for applications with limited panel space or a small footprint. They are made of corrosion-proof plastic to ensure long push button life.

  • Designed to worldwide standards (UL, CSA, CE, and CCC)
  • Durable materials
    • Operators are made of corrosion-proof plastic to ensure long push button life
    • Consistent coloring and illumination make these easy to identify for the life of the operator
  • Ease of installation
  • Ergonomic design
    • Contoured button surface
  • Dependable sealing
    • IP66 and Type 4/4X/13
    • Diaphragm seals: linear travel devices, pilot lights
    • V-seals: selector switches, high pressure sealing
    • K-seals: emergency stops, dual wiping action
  • Reliable low voltage switching
    • Gold-plated snap action contacts
    • Reliable operation in applications below 24V DC, 5 mA down to 5V DC, 1 mA
  • Enhanced E-stop functionality
    • Anti-tease feature standard (trigger-action)
    • EN13850 and EN 60947-5-5 compliant
    • Direct Drive mechanism (positive actuation)