Configurator Control and power switches

194E Load Switches

Our Bulletin 194E Load Switches are designed for use as local motor isolation and disconnect switch applications. Our switches are available in 3- and 6-pole versions with add-on additional poles, grounding and neutral terminals and auxiliary contacts. These switches share the same operating handles as the Bulletin 194L Control and Load Switches.

Bulletin 194L

1- to 6-pole multifunction switch control configurations for OFF-ON, changeover, Star-Delta (Wye-Delta), reversing, ammeter, voltmeter, and step switch applications. Also available in custom control configurations up to 16 circuits for any unique control switching application. Uniformly styled handles: selector knob, disk style, rectangular style, and key-operated versions (Type 1/12, IP66). Handle colors in grey/black and red/yellow and padlockable versions. Legend plates available in 0-I international markings and text styles.