Configurator Safety 440R - Safety Relays

Safety Relays

Safety Relays check and monitor a safety system and either allow the machine to start or execute commands to stop the machine. Single-function safety relays are the most economical solution for smaller machines where a dedicated logic device is needed to complete the safety function. Modular and configurable monitoring safety relays are preferred where a large and diverse number of safeguarding devices and minimal zone control are required.


Guardmaster Safety Relays (GSR)

Our Guardmaster® single-function safety relays are designed to meet functional safety standards, such as ISO 13849-1 or IEC 62061, and they offer key functions to simplify installation and system complexity. In addition, information gathered from the GSR intelligent safety relays via the optional EtherNet/IP Interface helps minimize unplanned downtime, increase efficiencies, and enable The Connected Enterprise®. The Guardmaster Dual GuardLink Safety Relay further extends this capability to even share diagnostics and status information of safety switches and safety sensors connected in series via GuardLink

Minotaur Single-function Safety Relays (MSR)

Our MSR100 Single-function Safety Relays support a wide variety of input devices and output configurations. These relays are ideal for relatively small safety applications and single zone control and available in electromechanical version, or solid-state models for applications involving high cycle rates. Rockwell Automation announces that as of December 2019, a small number of legacy safety relays in the MSR portfolio will be discontinued and will no longer be for sale. Customers are encouraged to migrate to safety relay products in both our MSR and GSR families.

Sipha Control Units

Our Sipha Control Units monitor and control Sipha non-contact safety sensors. For high-risk applications, the control unit is used with a single Sipha sensor to give a high-integrity system. For other applications, multiple sensors (including mechanical switches) can be connected to a single Sipha control unit.

Safedge Controllers

Our Bulletin 440F Safedge™ Controllers operate with our Bulletin 440F Safedge Safety Edge Profiles. The controllers continuously monitor the profile for actuation, and they generate an output signal when the profile is depressed.

Mat Controllers

Our MatGuard™ Control Unit monitors all of the mats that are connected together to form a safeguarded zone. The safeguarded zone can be up to a total of 100 m and made from any number of mats. The controller interfaces with the control circuit of the machine and includes two safety relays to help provide control redundancy.

Muting Light Curtain Monitoring Safety Relays

Our Muting Light Curtain Monitoring Relays allow the automatic temporary suspension of the safety function if certain conditions are met. In material handling applications, material is allowed to pass through the protective field without shutting down the machine. In addition to muting, these modules monitor up to three light curtains with presence sensing device initiation (PSDI).

Back EMF Monitors

Our Back Electro-magnetic Field (EMF) monitoring units interface with single- or three-phase induction motors to measure the drive voltage and the back EMF of the motor.

Stop Motion Monitors

Our Stop Motion Monitors detect when hazardous motion has ceased, then sends a signal to unlock guard-locking devices. Rockwell Automation announces that as of December 2019, our Minotaur CU2 Safety Relays will be discontinued and no longer available for sale. Customers are encouraged to migrate to our Guardmaster® Safety Relays.

Speed Monitoring Safety Relays

Our MSR57P Speed Monitoring Safety Relays are designed for motion applications that require interaction by personnel during operation. Our MSR55P Speed Monitoring Safety Relays are used for standstill detection on single and three phase motors without the need for sensors.

Two-hand Control Monitoring Safety Relays

Our Two-hand Control Monitoring Safety Relays detect faults in two-hand controls, wiring, and contactors safety circuits. These relays provide switching action as an intermediate relay. They are designed for use with mechanical and capacitive two-hand control units.

Monitoring Expansion Relays

Our monitoring expansion safety relays have single or dual channel input with either immediate or time off delayed outputs. These are designed to operate as an extension of a master safety relay that mimics the master relays outputs.